My only book (so far) is Spinning in Place, published by Frowning Cat Books exclusively for Kindle. Subtitled “A Secular Humanist Embraces the Neo-Pagan Wheel of the Year,” the book outlines a this-worldly approach to spirituality for the scientifically-minded. Check it out on Amazon or right here:

In Print

I’m honored to have essays in the following collections:

I have a piece of short experimental fiction, “Dreams,” in the spring 2015 issue of Red Rock Review. I’m both stunned and honored to be the winner of the 2017 Sherman Chaddlesone Flash Fiction Contest; my story “Kerry Was in the Kitchen, Cooking” is in the fall 2017 issue of New Plains Review.

One of my favorite essays is “How Streaking Saved My Life,” which was published in an alternative weekly way back in the 1990s. That publication is long-defunct, but I’ve republished the essay online for your amusement.


Check out my recent guest columns:

I also contribute occasional content to Naturalistic Paganism, for a column called “A Pedagogy of Gaia.”

For three years I wrote a bi-weekly opinion column for Mid-City Messenger. This is on indefinite hiatus, but the link will take you to an archive.

There’s also an extensive archive to be found in my personal blog, b.rox. (Most active from 2004-2012, it was named one of the ten best blogs from New Orleans.)

You’ll also find select writings on my profile.


I collaborated with dozens of writers around the world to author “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment,” which has since been signed by thousands of people from many different countries, representing many diverse forms of what might be called contemporary Earth-based religions.


The Life of Christy (my master’s thesis) is now available through Google Books.


Of course it’s all interconnected. I write in my work as a faculty developer: see for example my series of essays on Contemplative Faculty Development. I write as a form of advocacy: see my essay on how Friends of Lafitte Corridor got started. My spiritual practice both informs and supports my writing: see my aforementioned column, A Pedagogy of Gaia. Same goes for media arts: see my essay on the first season of ROX.

Addendum: Books About Me

I didn’t write these, but they were written about me. Some other people may be mentioned as well.

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