I am a writer, an artist, an activist, a teacher, a baker of bread, a husband, and a father. My formative years were in Indiana and northern Sweden, and I have lived in New Orleans since 1999.

Yes, I ran for New Orleans City Council in 2021, specifically to highlight the urgent need for action on the climate crisis. You’ll find my policy recommendations and related materials in the campaign archive.

Every Saturday morning, I convene a meeting of the Crescent City Gaian Guild. We come together (sometimes online, sometimes out-of-doors and at a safe distance) to celebrate Mother Earth and to support each other. Anyone is welcome, even the idly curious, and especially those from the New Orleans area. Contact me if you’d like more info, or sign up for our weekly newsletter. For more on this path, see Gaianism.org.

I’m a co-organizer of New Orleans Lamplight Circle and co-founder of the Earth-Based Spirituality Action Team of Citizens’ Climate Lobby. I also serve on the steering committee for the Greater New Orleans Interfaith Climate Coalition.

Reaching back further, I’m also co-creator of ROX, the first TV show on the internet (that’s where I got the nickname Editor B), a founding member of the Green Party of Louisiana, and past president of Friends of Lafitte Greenway,

On this site you can learn about my work as a faculty developer and a media artist, my meager attempts to make the world a better place, my writing, and my religion.

PS: I’m on Mastodon.