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Everson said the whole ordeal is proof of New Orleans’ need for a more robust public transit system, one of the key planks of his platform. 

“Morrell, Palmer & Everson Found Common Ground on Many Issues” (20 October 2021) Big Easy article

Ever the progressive, Everson impressed many audience members who had never seen or heard him before with his simple, common sense, and direct answers. When he didn’t have knowledge in a subject area, he wasn’t afraid to say so – a totally refreshing reflection of how a good public servant should act.

“Division 2 Council candidates talk policy at Gambit debate Wednesday night” (20 October 2021) Gambit article

Everson, who arrived by bike, focused largely on environmental concerns but also the need for more radical change in terms of fixing violent crime.

“We have to try doing something radically different,” he said. “We should implement universal basic income, get rid of poverty, legalize drugs and invest in education and health.”

“Candidates won’t say whether they think Brossett should drop out of council race after DWI” (20 October 2021) Gambit article

Xavier University staffer Bart Everson, a Green Party candidate who is running on a climate change focused platform, said that the incident underscored the need for a better public transit system and mental health treatment.

“If we had a robust public transit system, maybe this wouldn’t have happened,” he said.

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